Couch to OpenStack Phase 1: Getting Started with OpenStack

Couch to OpenStack Phase 1: Getting Started with OpenStack

The genesis behind the Couch to OpenStack program is to work very much like it’s counterpart in the running world. That is, we designed this series of podcast / trainings to get you off the ‘couch’ as it were, and get you a foundational knowledge and practical skill with OpenStack. To do that, we build a working knowledge of OpenStack components

  • Build installation and operational experience with a “lab sized” OpenStack setup
  • Understand the OpenStack “shared nothing” approach to cloud building
  • Work with OpenStack Grizzly
  • Work with SDN (Software Defined Networking)

To do this, we get you started building a manila (e.g. non Rackspace / RedHat / etc OpenStack) and build a solid understanding of the components and how they interact. It will follow a schedule, supply you tools, videos, and “do it yourself” style homework. Basically, every week past the intro, we expect you to come back a bit harder, better, faster, stronger. Here’s the schedule so far:


We aim to provide ongoing support and a robust community to help you build your openstack skills. To do that, we’ve got a G+ Couch To OpenStack group here. If G+ is not your flavor, feel free to ping me via twitter (@cody_bunch) or via email (bunchc [at] professionalvmware [d0t] com.


This is where we will post homework assignments and the like as we progress.

  • Due 9/10/2013: Investigate OpenStack Monitoring Solutions. Look into Nagios, Munin, Sensu, etc.
  • Due 8/20/2013: Nada, Office hours week.
  • Due 8/13/2013: Install Neutron (Quantum Node), create a network
  • Due 8/6/2013: Install Cinder, attach a volume
  • Due 7/30/2013: Create a new VM, install Nova services, boot an ‘instance’
  • Due 7/23/2013: Install Glance, upload an image.
  • Due 7/16/2013: Git checkout, Vagrant up for Keystone (here)
  • Due 7/9/2013: Install Virtual Box, Vagrant, and start your first VM.